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Tired of the snow?

We get it - back in October, it was exciting, but now we all wish it would just quit snowing, and we could go back to our regularly scheduled seasons. Unfortunately, we might not get what we all wish for, but don't let that stop you from practicing safe snow removal.

Here's a great link that teaches you how to remove snow in a safe and healthy manner, and below are just a couple quick, common-sense tips!

1) Don't push yourself!

This may be a bit obvious, but if there's a ridiculous amount of snow, especially heavy, packed snow, don't do it all yourself in one go. Instead, break up the job into manageable chunks. Oh, and don't challenge yourself by seeing how much snow you can get on that shovel - snow is heavy, and you don't want to harm yourself. By doing this, you reduce the risk of inducing fatigue, or even a heart attack, especially for those with heart problems and/or are over the age of 50.

2) Don't sweat it!

You may be tempted to go out there bundled up to the point where you can hardly move, but resist that temptation. While you're out there shoveling, you're exercising, and your body will naturally rise in temperature. Instead dress in a comfortable amount of layers, or be prepared to start removing them once you start warming up.

3) Lift from your knees, not your back.

You've heard it countless times from your nagging mom or coworkers giving you unsolicited little tips on moving, but it's true. No matter what age you are, if you lift from your back, you can pull something and seriously injure yourself. Instead, ere on the side of caution and use your knees to help lift yourself and help with the motion of tossing snow (physics!).

4) Read the directions.

So you just got a new snowblower. Nice! But don't be so quick to toss the directions. Always make sure you are aware of the dangers around you (are your kids running outside to help you? did you forget something that's now buried under the snow?), and don't forget that, at the end of the day, it is a dangerous piece of equipment, and you definitely don't want to stick your arm anywhere near those blades to unclog it.

Be safe and have faith that spring will be here soon, and enjoy that glorious week!

And remember, if you do end up accidentally injuring yourself, give us a call at 715-398-6679 at any time (if we aren't in the office, listen to the answering machine, where we give our personal numbers, as well, leave a message, and call us on one of our personal lines, if it is an emergency). We are always happy to meet a patient outside of our regular hours, if you are in need.

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